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About Leona and
2Live Psychotherapy

A Short Biography and the Professional development and foundation of 2Live Psychotherapy

My professional values can be summed up as follows: Confidential, Respect, Change. I've developed a deep understanding of what happens in the real world over my 9 years in the psychotherapy industry, my own lived experience and from this believe there is nothing that can't be talked through.

As a professional, I take pride in my ethical practice and thrive on finding solutions with my clients. I enjoy working in an environment of discovery and research, as it allows me to constantly learn and challenge my own thinking. As a professional, I'm constantly questioning and looking for answers that improve the lives of my clients.

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College &

After earning my BA in Psychology from NUI Maynooth and my Grad. Dip and MA in Integrative Psychotherapy from The University of Limerick, I entered the Psychotherapy world to explore my passion for working with people to help them understand their relationships, their mental health, and how they tick.


I'm focused on where behaviours get set up, how coping mechanisms manifest, and how to change unhealthy patterns of relating. I've spent the last 14 years learning about psychology, psychotherapy and emotional wellbeing.

Roles &

I'm currently applying this knowledge in working with clients. I've held a number of caring roles, from Rehabilitation Assistant to Social Care Worker, but my latest challenge has been growing my own company in two areas; working in private practice and also in corporate wellbeing. I believe that psychotherapy and wellbeing require passion and empathy as well as a strong wilI. 

I aspire to always work with my clients in a way that respects their individuality, their own experience, and their unique way of being in the world.


I opened my psychotherapy doors on 1st January 2017 with the advice of my course tutors, course director and friend, Gerry Myers, I had always known I wanted to work as a psychotherapist and that I wanted to be self-employed.

My private practice began in The Dancing Soul, Athlone, where I had served my professional placement under supervision of the University of Limerick and the guidance of Julie Fuery and Martina Breen.

From here I opened a second clinic in Dr. Garry's Surgery, *Health" Tullamore and then a third clinic in Mullingar aided by Seamus Sheedy.

Online & Corporate

With the Covid-19 pandemic I also transitioned my private psychotherapy practice and corporate wellbeing sessions online.

The second part of my business, Corporate Wellbeing, opened in 2018, with training workshops, onsite education sessions on Mental Health and wellbeing across a variety of business sectors. It lends itself to a hectic but rewarding work-life balance.

To live is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people exist, that is all.


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