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Individuals, Couples and Families

2live Psychotherapy will utilise your lived experience to find the right solutions for you in the therapeutic process. Leona will work collaboratively with you to set therapeutic goals and determine the time and pace that will afford the changes you want to come about.

Psychotherapy ?

Life and work pressures exist. We all have unsolved personal issues that taint our perspective, how we operate on a day to day basis and how we find solutions to problems. No one escapes experiencing stressful or painful life circumstances.


At one point or another in life, our thoughts and feelings overpower us and many find it difficult to understand or move through it. Mental Health Training and education programmes at work can pre-empt and combat this overwhelm.


Psychological psychotherapy programmes teach invaluable life skills to help individuals and teams navigate difficult life and work circumstance before crisis ensues.


Individual Psychotherapy can be accessed for a number of reasons :

• Unexpected and unwanted life crisis such as traumatic events, dysfunctional family experiences, bereavement, relationship breakdown, injury or accident.

• If you are seeking to understand and change habits and patterns such as addictions, OCD or self-injurious behaviours

• Learning to work with prevailing moods or emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, stress, suicidal ideation

• Self-worth and self-esteem issues (loneliness, feeling unlovable, perfectionism, co-dependency, feeling unworthy of others

• Life stage changes (going to college, retiring, becoming a parent, empty-nester syndrome, menopause, end of life

• Dealing with illness, medical trauma or workplace injury, living with chronic illness or pain, acute and terminal illness.

Couples & Families

At 2live Psychotherapy, generally the couple or family attend together, however at times it can be useful to meet with individual partners/siblings/child(ren) at the beginning of treatment in order to fully understand the situation presenting. Ultimately it is the couple/family who decide what is best for them.


For relationship therapy sessions, each person is given the opportunity to communicate the different parts of their story that they are bringing to the relationship. This includes any avoidance or ambivalence, anxiety, resentment, frustration or other feelings that may be present, while still acknowledging the love, history, commitment, and friendship shared in the relationship.


2live Psychotherapy is here to support relationships, and is happy to work with all couples and families including non-traditional and poly relationships and is LGBTQ friendly and informed.


It is important to understand secrets are not tolerated between one member of a couple/family and the therapist. Should the therapist be put in such a position for any reason other than offering support or advice as to how the person may communicate with their partner/family, the individual will be asked to disclose the secret. Should this fail to occur, the therapeutic relationship will be terminated.

Adolescents of Seperating / Divorcing Parents
Specialist Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy for adolescents, has significantly helped many teenagers and their families through separation and divorce. Psychotherapy gives skills to address unforeseen barriers during the phases of adjustment to a new and very different family system.


Psychotherapy allows and acknowledges the change in family roles and rules as well as assisting in the process of reorganising relationships, role dynamics and attending to the adolescent’s needs and responsibilities.


Psychotherapy at this time can also be very effective in development healthy feeling expression and a sense of belonging, where problems are being heard by peers and developing constructive coping skills

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