Health Promotion Programs in the workplace benefits:

To your Company     

A well-managed health program

A positive and caring image

Improved staff morale

Reduced staff turnover

Increased productivity        

Reduced healthcare/insurance costs

Reduced risk of fines and litigation            

To your Employees

A safe and healthy work environment

Enhanced self-esteem

Reduced stress

Improved morale

Increased skills for health protection

Improved health

Improved sense of well-being

Program Aims

✓ Educate about the importance of wellness

✓ Improve job satisfaction

✓ Improve workplace relationships

✓ Relieve neck, shoulder and back pain from sitting at a desk

✓ Relieve work related headaches, anxiety, stress and insomnia

✓ Explore nutrition and fitness ideas atwork

✓ Inspire your staff by caring about their wellbeing

Corporate Workshops  

In business, at all levels of business, it is important to identify and resolve areas of toxicity to ensure a  confident and productive working environment.  This service is available to Business Owners, managing directors, managers, HR departments and employees in the workplace to assist with:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Facilitation/mediation
  • Dealing with disruptive employees
  • Status/role change within your company
  • Managing workplace relationships
  • Managing stress
  • Debt and money management stress
  • Ethical managerial relationships in business
  • Emotional well-being for you and/or your colleagues
  • Creative challenge and business expansion