Everyone’s experience is different.  How things happen to us and at what stage of life we are at, can shape our worldview and how we live in our world. 

I grew up in the countryside, I come from a farming background.  I enjoy and find strength and solace in the outdoors.  I have lived in big cities and hurtled along with the rest of you.  I have studied, as family and friends would say, indefinitely, with another training course just around the corner.  I have travelled and worked in many countries, in many different jobs, where I learnt so much from those I worked alongside.    


There have been both great and difficult times in my life.  There have been struggles with work and finances.  There has been loss of relationships and bereavement.  These moments have caused rupture in my life, and the ensuing wounds have taken time to heal.  

I realised that sometimes I was only surviving.       

It was from these experiences that I came up with the “2 live” concept.  Life is sometimes about surviving.  Sometimes it is all we can do.  However, with support and exploration there is a chance “2 live” rather than to survive.  

While studying psychotherapy in the University of Limerick, after years of surviving in my world independently, I came to understand that living takes more than just one person, it takes " 2" at least, and hopefully more to share experiences with  and so the idea of "2 live psychotherapy" was born.    


My past also includes a love of English literature and poetry.  Using the image of the tree shedding its leaves as part of my logo was inspired by the symbolism of growth and regeneration it evokes.  The tree unburdening itself of the leaves that need to be let go of naturally.